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I’m assistant manager to a multinational group. I live in one of EU’s capital city. I’m always perfectly dressed, I spend hours in beauty parlors, well it’s part of my job. I wear high heels every day. As of my outfit, I vary between robes, suit and leggings. My underwear, when I have any, are lingerie. All my male co-workers have tried to make a pass ate me these days. Some are tempting. I feel that I’m gonna have to work extra-time, and then some I’m a waitress in a big brasserie in Geneva. With my job, comes a uniform which does not suit to every girl. You need to be tall, slim with long and sexy legs. Most of all, you have to love laced outfit. I love all lace products, curtains, corsets, baby dolls and placemats, everything is laced at home. My beautiful silk laced baby dolls, some of my good customers I let them sometimes caress discreetly. I’m a typical beautiful geisha. Big black eyes with tender and severe looks, I’m a natural when it comes to master and dominate. Though, I also like raw and brutal real men strength, sometimes unstoppable. Nevertheless, I’m smart enough, sexy and very engaging so I always end up to get what I want.
Athena, as the ancient Greek goddess, I’m a young and beautiful woman. Blond haired, very lithe, I love dancing and I practice either barefoot or with ballerina. I also love fitness and workout. I love showing myself off with very sexy tights or shorts. Lately, I participate in a barefoot ballet tour. I got first role because I have the most beautiful toes. I love fashion and top models, myself I model because it’s both a passion and a job. I work for various lingerie brands and for Italian brands of high heels shoes. I often expose myself in public expositions and sales events where I pose with stockings, tights, garters, negligee, bras and other glamour, fetish accessories. For the shoes, I work only with Italian because I want to keep beautiful feet. I’m a Bomba latina directly came from Cuba. I’m a personal trainer and I teach Gym, Aerobic and Yoga. I’m very lithe and I have a splendid body, it’s also part of my work. I spend halftime in fitness and workout and the rest of my time I do modeling for a professional model agency. I love being dressed very sexy and I often wear provocative. I have plenty of fetish accessories, feet and toes jewelry. I love to see men look on me, sexually attracted.
I’m an independent woman. I manage my little transportation company. I have two dozen truck drivers under my orders. They’re all reckless and ruthless, very strong, well truck drivers, you see… Nevertheless, I stay very fashionable and aware of the latest in shoe fashion. I dress very classy with wonderful and sexy shoes that give great look to my feet. At night, when I’m home alone, I’d watch footfetish and domination clips. Then I start touching myself thinking of very hot situations where I’m a dominated slave who is offered to my ruthless truck drivers who enjoys getting laid with their boss I’m a lady, a true one. Not a MILF or a cougar or any of these other funny fashion names. I’m a dominatrix, a bit of a bitch by nature. Men loves it, I know it. I’m a very classic and cold beauty so with a sexy red dress and a pair of stiletto heels like I love, it turns all men on. They spot me right on the spot. Not a walker that doesn’t look back, it gets event sometimes annoying especially when I wear leggings after workout. I’d really love to slap their dirty faces but it would be too much pleasure for them. They’d love it, I’m sure.  


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